Web Onboarding Link

This method is the less intrusive and the fastest way to have in place your customer onboarding flow up and running. In this minimalist documentation you will find the description of how it can be done step by step.

1. Backend Required Operations

  • Get an API token
  • Create a customer: this can happen when your user is registering to your service for example.
  • Generate an SDK token: you can generate an SDK token using POST {cleardil_url}/sdk/token, use this ready to use postman collection.
  • 2. Create the Web Onboarding Link
    Creating a link that you send to your customers for their onboarding has many positive aspects. You could send an sms for example with the link to start the onboarding flow, your customer would do the onboarding from his mobile, in general the phone camera is much better than the camera of a laptop.