Global flow

ClearDil SDK will simplify the integration of selphie and document acquisition steps in your mobile application KYC process

Before calling the SDK, the application will have performed several operations to create the customer and prepare the SDK environment.

There are at least three entities interacting here:

  • your mobile application: the app you are creating, which will perform KYC process and integrate Cleardil SDK
  • your backend: the backend you have created, which is interacting with the modile app and ClearDil apis
  • ClearDil backend: the backend provinding ClearDil apis, which are called by your backend and ClearDil SDK

ClearDil backend should not be called by your mobile application directly because this requires an authentication with your credentials which should not be distributed.
The good pratice is to call Cleardil backend through your backend:
your mobile application -> your backend -> ClearDil apis

Here is an overview of the KYC process in which ClearDil SDK is involved:

1. Get an API token

Your api token will allow your backend to call all ClearDil apis on your behalf.

Please keep in mind that this api token should not be used in your mobile application.

2. Create a customer

This step is performed inside your backend with some data gathered by your mobile application.

Customer is required to generate SDK token because documents acquired with the SDK will be attached to an existing customer..

3. Generate an SDK token

When your mobile application will start Cleardil SDK, it will ask an SDK token to your backend which will call ClearDil backend to generate it.

4. Configure and start SDK flow

Using the SDK token, your mobile application will start ClearDil SDK flow.

More details in ios integration and android integration depending on your target platform.

5. Retrieve results and continue your app flow

Once ClearDil SDK has acquired and sent the documents, your mobile application will receive a status code and will be able to continue it's process.

Overview of steps