ClearDil SDK

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This SDK provides a drop-in set of screens and tools for Android, IOS and web applications to allow capturing of identity documents and face photos for the purpose of identity verification. The SDK offers a number of benefits to help you create the best onboarding/identity verification experience for your customers:

  • Carefully designed UI to guide your customers through the entire photo/video-capturing process

  • Modular design to help you seamlessly integrate the photo/video-capturing process into your application flow

  • Advanced image quality detection technology to ensure the quality of the captured images meets the requirement of the Onfido identity verification process, guaranteeing the best success rate

  • Direct image upload to the ClearDil service, to simplify integration*

* Note: the SDK is only responsible for capturing and uploading photos/videos. You still need to access the ClearDil API to create and manage checks.

ClearDil SDK UI flow